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We asked over 200 women to try
CAVIAR Repairx Instant Recovery Shampoo
& Conditioner
and tell us what they thought.

93% reported that the product gave them softer hair and 87% said their hair looked and felt less damaged.

See for yourself.

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* Based on a survey of ELLE Inner Circle panelists
conducted with ELLE magazine.

Meet: Jordana
Hometown: Pennsylvania
I felt like it did reduce breakage and made my damaged hair look less noticeable. Midway through testing, I trimmed my hair and used Caviar Repairx products; it was a huge difference!
Meet: Maryann
Hometown: New Jersey
These products had a luxurious feel with rich lather that made my hair soft and silky throughout the whole process from
washing all the way through to styling.
Meet: Melissa, 45
Hometown: Maryland
This duo is the hands down the most effective shampoo and conditioner I've ever used. From the very first use, my hair
looked and felt transformed: smoother,
shinier, healthier, and younger.
Meet: Jennifer, 36
Hometown: California
My hair felt and smelled incredible after using these products. After shampooing, my hair felt squeaky clean, more so than ever before. After using the conditioner it was softer than it's ever been, and the smell was literally captivating, like I was in a spa! I'm hooked!
Meet: Lindsey, 32
Hometown: Georgia
I have never used a product that made my hair look and feel this beautiful. I have already purchased these products and recommended them to family members
and friends.
Meet: Marilyn, 37
Hometown: North Carolina
I did notice an immediate change in the texture of my hair. I chemically straighten, color and flat iron my hair so it's become dry, frizzy and dull. Hair was noticeably softer and shinier after just one use. Ends also did not appear as frayed and frizzy as they normally do.
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