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  • We asked over 200 women to try BAMBOO 48-Hour Sustainable Volume Spray and tell
    us what they thought.

    94% reported that the product gave
    Bamboothem more voluminous hair, and
    8 out of 10 said their hair did not look
    or feel weighed down, even on day 2.*

    See for yourself.

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    of Bamboo 48-Hour Sustainable
    Volume Spray with the purchase of
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    * Based on a survey of ELLE Inner Circle panelists
    conducted with ELLE magazine.

    Meet: Angi
    Hometown: California
    I love the smell and the fact that the
    product worked immediately...
    I also love that the product is organic!
    Meet: Brooke
    Hometown: Virginia
    I have a pixie cut, so I wouldn't think to try a
    volume spray. My hair does feel flat
    sometimes, though. The spray really added
    more density and lift to my style and the
    effect lasted.
    Meet: Sarah
    Hometown: New Jersey
    I really like the scent and the fact that it
    didn't make my hair feel weighed down or
    greasy, which I was very concerned about
    since products tend to do that.
    This one did not!
    Meet: Karina
    Hometown: Georgia
    I loved the results and how it really lasted 48
    hours! I used it and when I went to work
    several of my coworkers asked what I did
    with my hair. It was definitely a hit.
    Meet: Ellen
    Hometown: New York
    Loved how this made my hair feel and
    look-not crunchy at all, just lovely and
    thick! Plus the smell is great!
    Meet: Lara
    Hometown: California
    It really did change the texture of my fine,
    limp hair-thicker, fuller strands and
    appearance. And it didn't feel stiff or crunchy, just soft and fuller. I had my
    sister try it too and she loved it.

  • We asked over 200 women to try CAVIAR
    Anti-Aging Replenishing Moisture Shampoo

    & Conditioner and tell us what they thought.

    9 out of 10 said they would recommend
    CAVIAR Moisture to a friend and the majority
    felt that the product made their hair feel softer
    and more hydrated.*

    See for yourself.


    * Based on a survey of ELLE Inner Circle panelists
    conducted with ELLE magazine.

    Meet: Marilyn
    Hometown: North Carolina
    Caviar Moisture returned my hair
    to its soft, silky and most importantly,
    healthy-looking condition.
    The results are just amazing!
    Meet: Olga
    Hometown: Illinois
    I noticed that my hair was shinier and
    healthier... I love this product!
    Meet: Diane
    Hometown: Florida
    This shampoo & conditioner
    left my hair smooth, nice and silky...
    in better condition.
    Meet: Jennifer
    Hometown: California
    This shampoo and conditioner felt
    luxurious and made my hair look
    and feel manageable and silky.
    Love the smell!
    Meet: Jennifer
    Hometown: Texas
    My hair is so soft! It's also a lot smoother.
    This shampoo & conditioner made
    my hair look amazing!
    Meet: Cathy
    Hometown: New York
    My hair feels softer and looks shinier.
    It also looks healthier after using
    Caviar Moisture a few times.
    Meet: Michelle
    Hometown: New York
    It made my hair feel soft and lighter.
    I have very long hair that tangles a lot.
    After using the shampoo and conditioner
    it was super easy to comb through
    my tangles!
    Meet: Tina
    Hometown: Illinois
    I loved the fragrance, and it made
    my hair more manageable without
    weighing it down. My hair is oily
    and it did not make it any oilier,
    which is great.
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